Email Marketing

Staying in front of your members is important.

Staying away from the "delete" button is critical. 

As an essential part of your online marketing mix, Email Marketing is cost effective, timely and measurable.

We offer an email marketing platform through our partnership with Digital Mailer, one of the financial industry's most trusted email marketing providers. The ARB (automatic relationship builder) platform gives you the ability to establish a relationship with new members and help educate your current membership.  

Email marketing has become an integral part of every marketer’s strategic plan and having the right partner to execute it makes all the difference. The ARB program provides flexibility for your credit union with multiple uses: 

  • Create a matrix email blast for new members
  • Send out email alerts
  • Create triggered emails
  • Maximize collection efforts with automatic collection emails 

Visions can create a custom email marketing strategy to reach potential and current members, promote special offers, and turn clicks into conversions. We know how to write a subject line that gets your email opened and know the formats to use to ensure it gets read. From the initial concept to the finished product, Visions can handle all the details:  

  • Compelling content
  • Creative template development and graphics
  • Lead tracking and reporting

With our award winning designs and Digital Mailer’s proven deliverable results, your credit union will be on the path to achieving its goals in no time.