We're experts in credit union marketing.

From focus groups to planning calendars to data analysis…we have you covered.

Our team will work alongside yours to determine the strategic approach, do the necessary research and identify the target market that will deliver the numbers you want.

Visions is more than a creative services firm. We're a full-service marketing consultancy firm able to plan your marketing as well as produce it. We'll do more than create a new logo or catchy slogan. We'll determine the best time of year to promote loans or solicit deposits. We'll help you choose the member group or prospects that should receive the message. We'll make sure the materials reflect their intended audience. And we'll follow up with analysis to make sure we hit the mark.

Calendars and Schedules

We know how important the "honeymoon phase" is with a new member. We've read the studies that show 73% of cross-sales occur within the first 90 days of membership. So we'll help you design a schedule for introducing new members to selected services at specific intervals. We can also plan your marketing calendar and establish a timetable for loan mailings, deposit campaigns and youth outreach.


The budget is often one of the the toughest elements to manage in a marketing plan. Because we can provide comprehensive services in-house, we're very good at providing accurate quotes up front and staying on budget throughout the project. We avoid overruns by reviewing the scope and budget thoroughly before we start. Visions can also help you determine an appropriate annual or project budget for your marketing department based on the results you're looking for.

Data Analysis

For us, it's all about results. Yes, our work looks good, but our goal is for it to be effective. Analyzing the impact of a campaign helps us learn what works so we can better serve our clients.

Focus Groups

Even though your membership may share a common bond, each person has their own set of needs and wants. Trying to forge a message or launch a service successfully often requires focus groups. They help you fully understand the dynamics of a target audience. Visions has certified focus group facilitators on staff and can conduct focus groups on site, at our offices or at an independent location.

Project Management

Whether the project's an email blast, a direct mailer, a full-blown marketing campaign or a website redesign, our project managers can help you reach your goals on time and on budget. You'll have continuous guidance on your project from start to finish so you're never left wondering about its status. And, if your project requires the services of another vendor, such as a billboard installation or commercial production, we can help manage that aspect as well.

ExeCUte! for Small Credit Unions

Small credit unions face most of the same challenges as large credit unions—but have far smaller budgets with which to address them. That doesn't mean the marketing of your institution has to suffer. Visions has developed the ExeCUte! program to help you strategically allocate your limited resources.

When you participate in the ExeCUte! program from Visions, we can work with you to cost-effectively:

  • Review Your Business Plan
  • Identify Goals and Objectives
  • Determine Your Credit Union’s Voice
  • Evaluate Delivery Channels
  • Create a Marketing Plan
  • Produce Marketing Materials