Web Design

We build websites specifically for credit unions.

Generate a positive member experience with a highly-functional, easy-to-use and attractive website.

It takes a village to build an exceptional credit union website. Our team of professionals can partner with your other online vendors to offer your credit union everything you need to meet that objective.

Planning the User Experience

At the end of the day, what really matters is that your members find your site useful. We'll conduct Q&A sessions to learn your credit union's objectives and develop a plan to meet them with the informational architecture and features of your new website. We'll also coordinate with your other online vendors to make sure your members have a cohesive online experiencing.

Creating Online Content

Your website should echo the message of your other marketing materials, and the content should be well-organized and informative. It's not just your online presence; it's your online branch. With your input, we'll quickly give your members all the information they need to make the decision to open an account, apply for a loan or enroll in a service…even at 2 a.m., when your brick and mortar branch is closed. Learn more about our copywriting services.

Building a Responsive Interface

Your website should not only be visually appealing, but it must be easy to navigate while marketing your products and services effectively in any device. We consider your primary audience to build an architecture that allows them to get to information quickly and easily — whether they are using a smartphone, tablet or desktop computer. We follow World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) standards to build efficient and functional online solutions compatible with current web browsers.

Take a look at some of our web work.

Providing Accessibility for All

Web accessibility has become a necessity for all credit unions. We leverage cutting edge technology, combined with thorough manual testing, to not only meet WCAG 2.0 and Section 508 Refresh guidelines, but also to make sure your site is user-friendly to anyone using a screen reader or other assistive technology.

Implementing 3rd Party Tools & Resources

We will work with your other online vendors to feature 3rd party products on your website, including:

Integrating a Content Management System

Our online content management system, viCMS, is custom-built specifically for credit unions. It offers an easy-to-use interface and unlimited staff licenses and requires no desktop software. viCMS provides the convenience of self-maintenance and requires no knowledge of HTML. Best of all, viCMS offers flexibility and scalability. The system can be implemented in modules so you can customize the installation to your needs and budget. And, when it comes to site maintenance, you always have the Visions team to support you…whether you need further customization or just an extra hand with quarterly updates.

viCMS modules include:

  • Directory & Page Content Management
  • Page Content Scheduling & Versioning
  • News Articles Module with Scheduling
  • Testimonial Module
  • Rates Module
  • Form Data Management with Staff Assignment & Data Export
  • Contact Form Ticketing System with Staff Assignment & Data Export
  • Email List Builder with Data Export
  • FAQs Module
  • Events Module with Member Registration
  • Human Resources Module with Resume & Application Management
  • Data Driven Site Search
  • Image Gallery Module with Scheduling
  • Reporting Module with Site Statistics & Module Reports
  • SEO Module
We also build custom Wordpress themes and offer WordPress theme customization.

Password-Protected Solutions

Whether you need a separate intranet or a simple public portal to a private directory on your website, Visions can meet your needs for password-protected access to online resources for your staff and board. Using our content management system, viCMS, you can easily organize documents and files, manage users with specified permissions and build online content for your password-protected environment.

Training & Supporting the Credit Union

As always, the Visions team is here to support your credit union in any way you need us to. We conduct thorough training sessions in administrative tools and processes, including our content management system, viCMS, so that you can launch your new website with confidence. Our team is available for further site customization, writing, graphic design, content updates or additional training whenever they're required.

Talk to your Visions Account Representative about the online presence and marketing support Visions can provide your credit union.