The Past 37 Years

Visions, Ink. President Maggie Fielding reflects on our history.

From rubber cement to digital prepress…

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

A man named Donald Beall was the one who introduced me to the credit union movement. As president of NASA Federal Credit Union, Beall preached the credit union philosophy to his staff. Besides being a credit union evangelist, he was an innovator who espoused ideas like share drafts and shared ATMs. I started my credit union career under his mentorship.

Pursuing a Dream

In time, I began to dream of providing freelance marketing support to credit unions. When Mr. Beall said he’d be my first client, I heard opportunity knocking.

Soon I was spending many hours in my car running from typesetter to printer and back again. Then I met Buddy Fielding, the graphic design director at a Northern Virginia engineering firm. When I met Buddy, I found a way to expand my services. I also found my future husband.

Buddy’s company supplied designers, typesetters, a photographer with a darkroom, and office space. But soon we ventured out on our own, incorporating Visions, Ink. in August 1980. Our objective: to offer Washington, D.C.–area credit unions all we could under one roof.

What a Difference Three Decades Make

Much has changed since then. Our husband-and-wife team has grown to more than 25 employees. The designers use Macs, not rubber cement. I spend less time in my car, since we email proofs or post them to our online project management system. Even prepress is digital.

We now enjoy fulfilling relationships with credit union people all across the country. We love helping them spread the word about credit unions.

While a lot has changed, we’re still a one-stop shop for credit unions’ marketing needs.

Visions remains family-owned. Three of our sons have worked here, as have two sisters and one cousin. And our dedicated, talented staff may as well be family. They’re a great group of friends.

Life is good!

Margaret G. Fielding
Visions, Ink., Inc.