Dedicated to Credit Unions



They're why we're here.

We're not just in it for the money. We believe in the credit union mission.

Our Roots Are Showing

Our history is rooted in credit unions. It’s where our president and co-founder Maggie Fielding launched her career. Some other folks here started out at credit unions, too—and they’ve never lost the credit union spirit.

Knowing that, it shouldn’t be surprising that Visions goes to great lengths to fill our credit union clients’ needs. For example, we realized that many small credit unions didn't have a compliance officer on staff, so we sent our employees to various training programs sponsored by the MD & DC Credit Union Association and contracted with an outside service to provide that resource.

Likewise, some of our clients don’t have a marketing or product manager who can dedicate time to studying the nuances of financial marketing and trends in credit union services. So we stay abreast of industry news and attend meetings of the Metropolitan Area Credit Union Association and Delaware Credit Union League and share with our clients all that we’ve learned that might help them.

Credit Union Causes Are Our Causes, Too

When credit unions come together to support a good cause, Visions is there. Visions has been a Super Hero sponsor of Credit Union Miracle Day, earmarking over $25,000 annually to support the promotion of its chief fundraiser, the Cherry Blossom Run. Since 2002, Visions has helped raise over $5.5 million to help sick children in our local hospitals.

Our employees also get in the game every year at the annual CU for Kids Bowling Tournament sponsored by the MD & DC Credit Union Association to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. And we support a credit union cause when we buy our office supplies, too. We buy them through the iGive program with proceeds pledged to the Credit Union Foundation of MD & DC to help fund their many philanthropic programs.