Financial Literacy

The only path to financial freedom.

Visions is working to bring credit union members out of the darkness and into the light.

The father of the American credit union movement, Edward Filene, referred to credit unions as "educational institutions.”

He knew the public needed help understanding how to manage money wisely. He believed it was the credit union’s duty to provide that help to its membership.

Credit Unions Have the Power 

At Visions, we believe credit unions have a unique opportunity to be the champions of financial literacy. Their members trust them and turn to them in time of need—for loans, for guidance, for planning. Thanks to that trust, credit unions are well positioned to teach those members valuable lessons about money. 

Visions Has the Tools

To help credit unions teach those lessons, we publish a quarterly magazine loaded with educational content. It's designed to show credit union members ways to better manage their financial lives. It frequently highlights ways services offered by credit unions can help. Credit unions can customize the magazine and tailor it to their needs.

We produce booklets and mailers credit unions can use to educate members as they buy and finance a car or home, plan for retirement or begin managing their money on their own. And each quarter we offer articles on personal finance topics for our clients to use in their newsletters—free of charge.

Our president, Maggie Fielding, serves on the board of the Credit Union Foundation of MD & DC, where financial literacy is a priority. The Foundation provides competitive educational scholarships as well as grants for the Millionaires Club program in local high schools.

We are always working to develop new tools credit unions can use as they strive to be "educational institutions" of which Filene spoke.